Program 4

Team Mentoring A UNIQUE TEAM-BASED MODEL In the TeamWorks program mentors work together, in teams of 2-3 adult mentors ranging from a teacher, college student or community mentor and then matched with twelve middle school youth.  Teacher: Builds on existing student relationships and serves as a constant presence for youth College Student: Makes higher education […]

Program 3

TeamWorks Core Program TEAM MENTORING In our classrooms are 2-3 adult mentors, carefully matched with twelve middle school students (ages 11-14), meet weekly during the after-school (3:00 pm- 5:00 pm) hours for a school calendar year at one of LATM’s middle school sites.  LEARN MORE   APPLY NOW

Program 2

Leadership  Camp SUMMER PROGRAM LATM’s week long summer program is designed to– as early middle school– inform, prepare, and motivate youth from underserved communities to pursue higher education and become competitive college applicants.   BACK APPLY NOW

Program 1

Preparing For College & Beyond LEADERSHIP CAMP Each summer 100-200 youth from across L.A. are invited to attend a vveek long Leadership Camp in June. Facilitated by 2-3 adult mentors, youth benefit from a rigorous college-readiness curriculum and leadership development. At the conclusion of camp, youth also benefit from a one-on-one mentoring experience with a […]